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Offer Computer Vision to Your Customers

The ScoutX platform

End-to-End platform for the productization of computer vision at scale 

Cloud and Infrastructure

  • K8s microservices - NodeJS services

  • Database - PostgreSQL/ MongoDB

  • Microservices traffic management and security using sidecar Istio

  • Egress access control

  • Ingress access control

  • Loki and Grafana for logs and alert management

  • Wireguard for engineering endpoint

  • Argo CD for continuous delivery

  • AWS Vault secrets management

PoolScout App

App Service

  • FireBase for app authentication with the cloud services based on IAM

  • FireBase for User registration and login

  • Camera database management

  • Remote management of the camera settings

  • Camera firmware update OTA

  • Data deletion and archive for users

  • Management of insights and logs from the app

Camera Worker Service

  • Read video source from camera device

  • Distribution through RTSP, RTMP, MPEG-TS.

  • Wowza streaming engine integration

  • Capture of stream thumbnails

  • Generate combined timelapses

  • Video stream recording

  • Failover configuration

  • Up to 600 streams on a single service

  • Camera/ Stream health check

Playback Service

  • Video recording files access control and policy management

  • Get recordings by camera id and dates

  • Delete recordings

  • Download recording to device

  • Video recording retention management

Camera Service

  • Camera authentication and validation on connection the cloud

  • Obtain camera details

  • Camera remote health check

  • Securely link camera to home account

Notification Service

  • Send notification to the user according to the event priority

  • Manage alert preferences for users

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