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Our ‘Battle Proven’ Cloud-native End-to-End Computer Vision-as-a-Service Platform

Your Data. Your Models. Your Cloud.

Based on Deep’s proprietary AI, cloud technologies and software, Scout✕ provides AI-powered detections and alerts for a wide range of products and services

The Need

  • Custom CV applications and innovations provide tangible value-add for B2B clients and their customer base

  • Fragmented solutions, no enterprise level deployment ‘out-of-the-box’ solution on the market today

  • Edge AI solutions are expensive and are heavily dependent on hardware

  • Enterprises have access to vast visual data but unable to extract value

  • No-code solutions are not production grade and cannot be used

The Challenge

  • Due to budget/ technical knowledge / data limitations, B2B clients unable to build and scale a CV platform to address their specific use cases

  • Computer Vision deployment requires high cost compute, typically GPUs

  • Technological advances need to be maintained


What Makes ScoutX Unique?

  • Innovation and experience with cloud-native computer vision since 2017

  • Full end-to-end capabilities 

  • Real-time AI (sub 2000ms) inc annotations on the video 

  • Dynamic cloud-based processing - Scale up/down processing

  • Use of AI models, updated and re-trained

  • Proven in the field with PoolScout 

  • Allows centralized generation of business insights

  • Use existing IP cameras with no need for new and expensive edge processing

Flexible Deployment

  • Deep Innovations to package its CV model training, deployment, and inference pipelines into a fully managed service

  • Capable of running workflows across a virtually unlimited number of live streams

  • In-house data team and capability to build new custom ML models to be used by ScoutX

  • Full end-to-end KPI and benchmarking tools

Fully Managed Service

  • Deploy the ScoutX infrastructure platform on your cloud tenant

  •  Take advantage of our battle-tested platform to deploy CV models at scale on your infrastructure stack

  • Make use of the ScoutX CV component library to power your inference workflows

Self Managed Service

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